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Geraldina Herrera

Creative Director

Passionate designer of the brand, who go deep into a symbolic and mystical language to come alive to each one of the collections, in complicity with its designers staff, those she captivates with its idyllic vision of the world, to create an unbreakable bond between her work and who carries them.

Each one of these creations exalts an immediate and lasting emotional response that results in to the deepest feelings in which the legend takes shape.

For Geraldina “Creativity is born of inspiration, as a fruit of full observation as well as the exaltation of the senses, the capability of wonder and a Divine force that connects us with the interest essence of our being”

The brand’s concept is unique and clear: it is a warrior turned into Beetle (Mackech). It identifies with determined and strong personalities who know what they want and are true to themselves.

The perfect match between modernity, tradition and mysticism
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